Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Post That I Wrote at The New Address

 I wrote this Monday at the other address. I thought I'd post it here.  Please join me at new place. I'd love seeing you there. 
Here's the link to the new place,The Attitude of Gratitude Inn. Please click here
    Good evening everyone,
How are you? Today was a day off from work. Resting was terrific. The weather was gorgeous. 
My Gratitudes for Monday: 
1. Thank God for restful days where we can take in the beauty that surrounds us and invigorate our souls.
    Investing in myself----being alone, was fantastic. I'm usually with others.  Decompressing from the hectic activities of the previous week was a well-earned break.  I  can be alone, but its been decades since I've been lonely---since I was fourteen. (I believe we are lonely when we cease to be at peace with ourselves.) 
2.   I'm grateful for the richness my life has. Good friends, a beautiful town where I live, a great bike, loving sons and a close relationship with God, He's my friend, He loves me unconditionally and He's patient with me. And I love my job.
    I showed up at a business in another town at 8:00 a.m., this morning I hoped to get my BlueTooth. Over the weekend I left it there. They had it. Ya ay! 
    I celebrated recovering this small devise, that allows me to hear voices and to all appearances, makes me look like I'm talking to myself. I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at a local restaurant, taking notes while studying the subject of trauma, book in over-medium, egg-stained hands. (I didn't need my yellow highlighter, the pages did stick together, however.)
3. I'm thankful for learning as a young man to be grateful for everything, including little things. The BlueTooth I use  is sophisticated and expensive. I'm glad I don't take things for granted. 
4. I studied at a library in another city, San Leandro.
I loved the peace, silence, joy and calmness I felt during time spent among stacks of books. Being there allowed me to stay present and get "centered."
  What I learned will help me in my work with others and my own personal growth----how to deal with the "Bad Parent" voice that often assails us. I also studied how we can thrive while dealing with a controlling person. Good stuff.  I was in a bit of a fog as I studied---I went to bed at 12:30 a.m. this morning and awoke at 5:00 a.m., but I pushed on. 
    A nap called my name when afternoon rolled around. But, first things first. I took care of my body by walking for an hour while visiting with friends on the phone, using the newly recovered BlueTooth.
    Dogs barked, construction workers, out in the front yard, refurbishing an old home looked at me as I circled the block six times, speaking into the air, so it seemed.  At least they did not jump away as I walked by them.  
    Oh my. The weather was amazing. Prototypical absolutely fabulous weather. In the 70's, with NO humidity, a light breeze making the stroll just wonderful. 
5. I'm glad I invested in taking care of my body. Talking on the phone today was a great time to get busy, physically. 
6.  I can't wait to get on my bike tomorrow morning. Pedaling out my frustrations invigorates me and helps me sleep better. I now have a computer attached to my bicycle.
      I look forward to seeing progress as I attack the streets on two wheels. The beautiful weather we have here, in the San Francisco Bay Area and the lovely homes in my neighborhood, as well as riding along the beach, makes for a fantastic time.   
    How about you? What do you do, to invest in your health, both physically and mentally? What are three things that you are grateful for? You can see, I've listed six. 
    I'd love hearing what makes your heart sing and puts a smile upon your lips. 

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