Sunday, March 4, 2012

     Hello everyone,
Just a reminder, I've moved to a better address: The Attitude of Gratitude Inn. I look forward to seeing you there.  In the meantime, I'll leave a recent post in this, the former location of the inn of positivity and hope.

Money will buy a fine dog, but only love will make him wag his tail 
Image byTim blessed. "Countryside:Sunlit Canal Path" Copyrighted photo. All rights reserved,
 used by permission.  
      How are you?
Today, the weather was fabulous.  Met with friends and enjoyed lunch with them. It was a great day of relaxation and fellowship.

      I'm thankful for heeding my intuition. While getting to know someone, the caution flag of discernment persistently prodded my consciousness.  In younger years, its voice was
ignored.  For the past two months I'm glad I listened to its advice. I took time acquainting myself with this woman. 
      Boy, am I glad for caution and patience. I've spared myself from being with someone I really don't care  being with.  I'm happy that I'm getting quicker at respecting the reptilian part of me (the limbic system) that senses fear and danger. 
      I'm happy I did not allow my cognitive self to overrule the common sense that my more basic, less rational self is aware of, a wisdom that is usually ignored by my rational self, often to my detriment, which in the past caused plenty of distress. 
     This woman I'll call "Doris" is a kick.  I've learned in the past eight years that a sense of humor is preferred in moments that once alarmed or disgusted me.  It is a far more enjoyable form of detaching with love regarding my foibles
     Today, Doris tried using charm when I saw her, while with my friends. I don't like charm. I especially find distasteful a charming voice.  When I hear such intonations, my antennae of caution go up, my skin crawls. While with Doris, due to my own personal growth, her voice was akin to the ancient noise of fingernails screeching on a chalkboard. Yeech. 
     On the other hand, I was happy hearing the screech. It reveals I am growing, still maturing. I'm glad I was present, when with her. I focused on her character rather than being seduced by self-seeking, honey-toned speech.  Ya ay!

    It's terrific knowing now I have the right & power to say how I want to be treated.  This comes from knowing my worth as a person – just because  I breathe the breath of humanity. 
    It is empowering that I now take 
full responsibility
 for all my thoughts, words, emotions and actions – and what long-standing buttons of mine that others used to push with success.  Now, no longer do I get triggered as frequently. I'm able to stay in my power and integrity. 
     Sometimes I feel I'm being overly critical or cautious when I am this way. In reality, I'm just getting characterologically stronger. No longer do I accept relationships with narcissists.  I prefer mutuality, where my needs are also considered, not just theirs.
Hope For the Past
     I have many gratitudes because I've taken the time to work on myself. Long standing unhealthy family and generational legacies are being replaced by healthier ones that create better relationships, ones that don't exploit me.

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