Friday, June 28, 2013

On Top of Our Circumstances, Not Under

  One fellow sees a friend at the store.

 He greets him with, "How are you?"
The other fellow replies, "I'm okay, under the circumstances."
The first fellow asks, "What are you doing there?"

     Life is great, when we are on top of our circumstances. Replacing ineffective habits and behavior with new and better alternatives is the answer. (One Day At a Time, p. 280) We can't do this alone.  We don't have the emotional, spiritual and psychological distance to be honest about ourselves. It's terribly easy making rationalizations without even thinking about it.

    That's our nature.

    This is where the value of connecting with mature, emotionally healthy, discerning people is a real help. I like what Drs. Cloud and Townsend say in Safe People:
Welcome your needs. Make friends with them. They are God's way of freeing us from the sin of self-sufficiency. 
May you have a great and grateful day, is my prayer.  Such days are ours when we relate with Balcony People, bonding with them and applying principles on the cellular level, not just in our head.

    Healthy connections will never happen with cyber friends. They offer a psuedo sense of intimacy but it's artificial. My encouragement is for you to attend an Al-Anon Family Group meeting. You'll be glad you did.

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